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Thriving During the Pandemic: The Story of One Urban Community

Caddis reflects on how Wild Sage Cohousing Community in Boulder, Colorado has thrived during the pandemic, by self-organizing for neighborly care and connection. Being able to know, see, and care for neighbors sustained Wild Sagers during the pandemic and was an unmeasured form of resilience. Communities like Wild Sage thrived during the pandemic – yet another reason to support community-first ways of living! Read more in our blog post.

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Podcast Feature: Jumping Into Cohousing

Caddis Collaborative is excited to be designing CoHousing Houston, a new community in the East End of Houston, Texas. Recently, two community members talked with Bryan about his “jump” into cohousing. Visit the Caddis blog to read more and listen to the podcast.

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American Cities Can Learn and Evolve

Caddis Collaborative concludes its blog series, “Evolving Toward Inclusive Cities.” This week’s post – “American Cities Can Learn and Evolve” – calls for readers to join us to make positive change in communities across the United States.

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A Vision for Change: Tulsa on the Move

Caddis Collaborative continues its blog series, “Evolving Toward Inclusive Cities.” This week’s post – “A Vision for Change: Tulsa on the Move” – tells the story of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre, the white terrorist destruction of the Greenwood neighborhood, also known as Black Wall Street.

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Creating Inclusive, Complete Communities

Caddis Collaborative continues its blog series, “Evolving Toward Inclusive Cities.” This week’s post – “Creating Inclusive, Complete Communities” – looks at ways cities can adapt to be more livable for everybody and more inclusive to those who are currently excluded in our cities and towns.

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Inclusionary Zoning and Housing Justice

Caddis Collaborative continues its blog series, “Evolving Toward Inclusive Cities.” This week’s post – “Inclusionary Zoning and Housing Justice” – looks at new ways to envision housing in American cities.

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The Air We Breathe Isn’t “Natural”

Caddis Collaborative is excited to launch a five-part blog series, “Evolving Toward Inclusive Cities.” Join us as we explore why American cities are segregated and exclusionary – and learn how we can undo the sins of the past. This week in “The Air We Breathe Isn’t ‘Natural,’” we look at the history of exclusionary practices.

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Bedrooms Are For People: Housing Justice in Boulder, Colorado

Caddis Collaborative is excited to support Bedrooms Are For People, a housing justice citizen-led initiative in Caddis’s hometown of Boulder, Colorado. If you live in Boulder, consider signing the online petition to get the initiative on November’s ballot. Those outside Boulder can contribute to the effort through financial donations. Read more in our blog post.

Opening a Path in Urban Design

Bryan Bowen, principal architect at Caddis Collaborative, talks about the Carnegie Mellon University faculty who influenced him while he was a student there. Read his blog post to find out how they helped to open a path for him in urban design.

What We’re Reading: Rachel Recommends “The Color of Law”

Curious to know what books have inspired folks at Caddis Collaborative? This month, we check in with intern architect Rachel Baker, who recommends Richard Rothstein’s 2017 book, The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America.

A Very Merry Fly Through at CoHousing Houston

Caddis Collaborative congratulates a young member of CoHousing Houston, a forming community in the East End of Houston, Texas, which we’re designing. Inspired by Caddis’s “fly through” video tour of the community, this 11-year-old future resident created his own fly through tour of the community at Christmas. Check out this whimsical – but accurate! – portrayal of life in cohousing.

Understanding a Housing Development Budget

Confused by the relationship between the sale prices of the homes and the mixed composition of your cohousing community’s development budget? Caddis Collaborative sheds some light on this topic in our most recent blog post!

Urban Cohousing: Eight Case Studies

When you think of cohousing, you might think of cohousing developments, ecovillages, and other intentional communities in rural environments. Historically, there have been a number of communities in rural areas – and new communities are still being built. But in light of the desire to conserve land, water, and energy, [...]

Memel, South Africa: What Else Can Happen When You’re Building Homes

In 2012, Caddis Collaborative was hired to design a cohousing project in Memel, South Africa, and cohousing-inspired dwellings in the nearby black township of Zamani. Bryan Bowen, principal and architect at Caddis, got right down to business. He traveled to Memel and Zamani several times and became immersed in [...]

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Listening to Residents: Community Engagement as Part of Good Design

Good community engagement means drawing folks out to be heard – before putting pencil to paper. Using fun and effective tools in addition to lightly facilitated open dialogue yields great results. Each planning process differs, but here’s one recent example of Caddis’s approach to community engagement. For a project we’re [...]

Bryan Bowen Wins Green Building Leadership Award

Caddis Collaborative is delighted to announce that principal architect Bryan Bowen has won the Colorado Green Building Guild’s Leadership Initiative Award for 2019. The award is given to a CGBG member who has shown exceptional and noteworthy commitment to advancing the craft of green building and has led or encouraged others to do the same. Learn more about CGBG and the award.