Affordable Housing: Radio Story with KGNU


KGNU, a community radio station for the Boulder area, recently talked to Bryan Bowen about the housing crisis in ski towns. Curious about some of the solutions to address affordable housing in places such as Aspen? Listen to the clip below!  

Affordable Housing: Radio Story with KGNU2019-04-12T15:48:29-07:00

Affordable Housing in Ski Towns and Possible Solutions


According to the latest market data, the median listing price for a home in Aspen, CO is just north of $1 million dollars. The median household income is $72,336 (meaning that the average home goes for about 14 years times the average annual salary!). Given the disparity between home value and income potential, residents are [...]

Affordable Housing in Ski Towns and Possible Solutions2019-04-12T15:47:29-07:00
  • Walnut Place Affordable Housing Apartments

bhp project renovate


Caddis has been working hard with Boulder Housing Partners on Project Renovate, and is excited to provide healthy, affordable and sustainable communities for BHP. The initial vision of "dream big" is at large! To learn more, here is BHP's announcement of the project, as well as a recent Daily Camera article regarding the scope of work.

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  • Cinema Court Affordable Housing

hud highlights cinema court


One of Caddis' many afforadable housing projects, Cinema Court was recently highlighted on HUD's website. To read the full article, click here. * Cinema Court was completed before the firm name change, hence why Bryan Bowen Architects, p.c. is mentioned in the article.    

hud highlights cinema court2015-04-13T15:57:25-07:00