Project Description

Heartwood Commons

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Cohousing | Community-Oriented | Multi-Family

Heartwood Commons is a 55+ cohousing community and Tulsa’s first cohousing community! Located in the Kensington neighborhood of Tulsa, the site is south of downtown and just a few minutes away from the riverfront.

Caddis worked with local architect Molly Jones, of Jones Design Studio, in guiding the community through a series of design workshops, to collaboratively design the site plan, common house, and units in a manner that reinforces Heartwood’s values, vision and goals. These values included:

  • Sight lines to common house, common green, pedestrian ways, and between units
  • Spaces between units that have rich layered landscaping that allows for privacy and connection, from deep and enjoyable front porches to common meandering walks, with occasional gathering moments
  • On-grade, fully accessible porches to be desirable places to hang out
  • Designated spaces for gardening and storm water detention
  • Passive solar exposure for both heating and cooling purposes
  • Low Impact Design methods to make the most of rain water

This project is under construction, stay tuned for more updates!

Click here to visit The Heartwood Commons website