Project Description

Memel, South Africa

Memel, Free State, South Africa

Cohousing |  Community-OrientedMulti-Family

Memel Cohousing is located in the small town of Memel, in the Free State Province of South Africa. The community is unique in many ways, from its significance within the context of post-apartheid South Africa to its bold commitment to permaculture and sustainability.

The buildings are planned to be rammed-earth, passive-solar, and zero-energy. In-between units, the site will be interlaced with a working permaculture garden. This cohousing community will be the next step in supporting all of the work that Memel.Global is doing in Memel, and nearby town Zamani, which include “community building, sustainable housing, employment, permaculture, food security, education, ecotourism, and more.” (source)

The Common House for Memel Cohousing has been constructed, and phase 1 of the units is underway!

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